Circus Shh Shh/The Little Big Top Boogie Band is the ninth episode of JoJo Circus


The Circus Shh ShhEdit

JoJo's dad, Mr. Tickles, gets a bad case of sneaky sneezies on a special Play Day. Jo Jo tries to get her friends to play quietly, but it just doesn't seem to work.

The Little Big Top Boogie BandEdit

JoJo and her friends decides to create a band. Croaky feels left out when it seems that there's no instrument for her to play and she's not a good singer. To Barney And Friends For Music


  • JoJo: You know, Croaky's right. She can't do anyting but croak. But maybe that's all she has to do.
  • Croaky: I've got lots of better things to do than be in a (wails) in a band.
  • JoJo: So we could be the Circus Kid's Band.
  • Bal Boa: Nah. It has to sound cool.
  • JoJo: Every clown needs to have a kazoo.
  • JoJo: This isn't nice and quiet at all. It's like a three-ring circus.
  • Trina: That's a great thing to pratice. Playing quiet is called "pianissimo."
  • JoJo: I'll be downstairs if you need anything, Daddy.
  • Mr. Tickle: And I'll be right up here if you need anything, JoJo.



  • The title display at the beginning of "Circus Shh Shh" reads "The Circus Shh Shh."