Great Un-Expectations/Snow Dazed is the fifth episode of Higglytown Heroes.


Great Un-ExpectationsEdit

A librarian helps the kids learn about interesting creatures in their backyard.

The VHS description reads as "The town librarian, this episode hero, helps the kids find a book that shows a how their pet caterpilliar will soon become a beautiful butterfly."

Snow DazedEdit

A policewomen directs the kids back home when they get lost in the snow.


  • In late showings of these stories, 'Great Un-Expectations' is now paired up with 'All Tire'd Out'. Perhaps, in regard, to the seasonal difference. 'All Tire'd Out/Great Un-Expectations' has the production code of #128 - first aired together on October 30, 2004.


  • Title pun: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens